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Specialist Building Surveys ( Safety Risk Management & Legal Compliance)

  • Universal Accessibility Surveys (Disability Awareness Compliance)including Public Space requirements -Commercial,Retail,Industrial and Residential
  • Heritage and Listed Buildings
  • Green Building Projects
  • Risk management incl. Health , Safety, Fire, Legal,Quality and Environmental assessments.Compliance with Occupational Health & Safety Act.
  • NHBRC Housing surveys on National Building regulation Compliance
  • Sectional Title & Home Owners Association Compliance
  • Structural Engineering Surveys including underpinning
  • Damp Condition Surveys (rising, lateral and vertical)
  • Tendering & Project Management Services

This is the “specialist legal side” of our business. WTP Livsey Build Consult has over 35 years of experience and gained invaluable knowledge in the field of Built Environment Risk Management.From implementing the NOSA 5 Star Safety Programe on several sites to managing Health and Safety performance in over 45 Industrial Properties and +2500 Corporate properties,we have full accreditation and management experience to provide this service in an epathetic and professional manner.

This specialist field involves the understanding of various inputs together with the moral, legal and financial obligations of Property Owners in ensuring Buildings & Properties they own or manage are legally compliant.

Universal Accessibility Surveys

The UN Convention Article says that:“Accessibility is a precondition for the participation of people with disabilities in society as well as for living independently. According to the UN Convention description in article 9, access for persons with disabilities should be ensured to –

  • the physical environment,
  • transportation,
  •  information and communication including information and communication technologies and systems
  • and to other facilities and services open or provided to the public.

The rights of Persons with Disabilities is preserved in the South African Constitution under the Promotion of Equality and Unfair Discrimination Act of 2000 (PEPUDA), the Bill of Rights

Our Professional approach

  • Structured accessibility checklists based on National Building Regulations, Industry best practice and SA Bureau Standards
  • Experienced assessors – familiar with a range of disabilities and access problems and in identifying the most practical and cost effective ways of meeting both your legal obligations and your business needs
  • Clear and straight forward results presented in an easy to use format

The Content

The Disabled Access Audit covers:

  • External Approach
  • Change in Levels
  • Entrance
  • Reception
  • Corridors
  • Ramps
  • Stairs & Lifts
  • WC’s, Showers & Baths
  • Internal Spaces
  • Signs
  • Changing
  • Travel Distances
  • Means of Escape
  • Customer Care

It is further adjusted to accommodate your business profile such as Hospitality, Food and Beverage Manufacturers , Hospitals and Educational Institutions, Sectional Title Developments etc

Built –Environment Risk management ( Health, Safety, Fire, Quality and Environmental) – services include

  • Commercial Health, Safety and Environmental attendances (including consulting & Built Environment Audits)
  • Perusing of Health, Safety and Environmental documents (both legal and technical)
  • Perusing of Health, Safety and Environmental systems . Assessments of in-house Grading systems.
  • Advice on other Health Safety and Environmental matters which might become litigious
  • Negotiation processes concerning Health Safety and Environmental disputes (ADR)
  • Drafting of technical Health, Safety and Environmental legal opinions or specifically requested Health, Safety and Environmental documents
  • Expert witness in Health, Safety and Environmental cases
  • NEW CONSTRUCTION REGULATION 2014 : Developing of  Safety Specifications for Clients • Developing of Safety Plans for Contractors • Conducting of site audits and inspections • Submit written reports on audits and inspections • Assist with incident investigations • Provide assistance during Department of Labour inquiries