Need a builder? Try:

Insurance Works (Built Environment)

  • Inspections,Compliance Audits and advice
  • Insurance Underwriter and Loss Adjuster Liaison (Claims /ADR)
  • Dispute resolution – mediation,adjudication and Arbitration
  • Repair Specifications & Good Building Practice
  • Tenders & Contractor Selection
  • Contract Law & Administration including Safety Compliance
  • Turnkey Project Management

Repairs to Specific Standards – Repairs that form part of an insurance claim can include the engagement of WTP Livsey Build Consult -building surveyors to specify and administer the works.This ensures better quality for the client and where it is included as part of the claim can be at no additional cost to the client.

Informal Mediation and Expert Determination – we act on behalf of the Insured(Client) during instances of disagreements or adjudication in determining real and actual value for repair claims on Insurance works . This includes damages claims due to Rains, floods, fire & physical impact .Where Engineering design is required ,this is co-ordinated by ourselves as a turn-key Project .We maintain a professional accord with Loss Adjusters, Underwriters and Insurance Brokers .