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Building Survey’s

  • Informal & Formal Walk round
  • Property Buyers or Sellers Report (due diligence)
  • Building Condition Survey
  • Legal Status and Compliance

The Building Survey is a detailed investigation and assessment of the construction and condition of a building.  The survey generally includes the structure, fabric, finishes and grounds, and will include reference to visible defects and appropriate guidance on repair.

Advice regarding the maintenance forecast for the building is also included for more accurate consideration of the potential liabilities attached to the purchase of the property.

The property’s commercial or Private use means that emphasis is placed on suitability for purpose, security, fire precautions, Universal accessibility , legal & safety compliance ,state of repair , practicality of use etc. and it can be incorporated as part of a wider Pre-Acquisition Report or Feasibility Study.

The survey will normally incorporate the building’s structure, fabric, finishes, outbuildings and grounds, and includes WTP Livsey’s Build Consult surveyor’s unbiased, balanced professional opinion in the detail and style required by the client, with reference to visible defects and guidance (as appropriate) on maintenance and remedial measures.